Environmental and Social Safeguards Compliance Monitoring

STEPS has full capacity to conduct the monitoring / compliance of environmental and social safeguards set forth by financing institutions (like ADB, World Bank, JICA, US-AID, IFC etc.). These safeguards are to be implemented by Executing Agency (e.g. NHA, WAPDA and Provincial Government Departments etc.).

Besides above, if the project may have some type of environmental impact, it is critical to proactively work with consultants who can help you prevent obstacles or work through them. From construction monitoring, to site inspections on as-needed basis, to full environmental protection plans, STEPS environmental compliance services ensure that you meet project deadlines while adhering to the regulatory requirements associated with your project. We provide construction-based environmental inspection services to help you avoid violations of environmental permits, agreements, and regulations. In addition to continuous oversight of contractor operations, we develop environmental inspection specifications as well as environmental quality control and assurance programs. Through our construction personnel training, we help contractors meet project owners’ standards and control costs. We use a variety of tools, including interactive presentations, pocket brochures, manuals, and other materials, to increase awareness and environmental responsibility on every project.

  • Construction monitoring
  • Third party inspection services
  • Environmental compliance training
  • Compliance Management Plans
  • Cultural resource monitoring and reporting
  • Environmental damage assessments
  • Habitat restoration plans
  • Salvage and relocation of sensitive species
  • Natural resources, ecological restoration, and wildlife management Plans.