Environmental Studies

Our team has conducted Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) in an expanding range of sectors including the hydropower development, roads, industry, infrastructure and development.

The ESIA / IEE process requires a review of national and international legislation, an in-depth understanding of the proposed development, environmental baseline studies, impact assessment and the development of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive effects. Often, an ESIA / IEE is required at an early stage in the project cycle to obtain the environmental permit from the authorities that allows the development to proceed.

We rarely consider the production or submission of the assessment report to be the end of our involvement in the permitting process. If so instructed, we will follow the permit application through the governmental approval process and negotiate the permit’s condition on behalf of the client.

This allows our clients to take advantage of our good relationship with the regulatory authorities that we have developed over the years and helps us to achieve a timely and streamlined result.