STEPS (Pvt.) Ltd. has registered office in Lahore, providing comprehensive, responsive and high quality professional consulting services in environment, social and other natural resource development sectors. Our approach has enabled us to maintain a permanent presence in Pakistan, maintaining the standards expected of international regulatory authorities. We recognize our staff as being our most important asset. STEPS personnel have professional environmental and social sectors experience extending throughout Pakistan as well as internationally. The whole team members are qualified in their respective field viz., environment, social sciences, natural sciences and resettlement with complementary multi-disciplinary skills, enabling us to offer accurate, independent and appropriate advice to clients and to regulatory bodies. Our team members have extensive experience in their fields with international agencies like ADB, WB, IFC, US-AID, JICA, UNDP, JICB, etc. and are familiar with the policies and guidelines of these agencies.

STEPS (Pvt.) Ltd. is proud of its growth and the ongoing professional development of its staff. Recognizing the value of customer satisfaction, our goal is to provide exceptional service with quality results in a timely manner.

STEPS (Pvt.) Ltd. team provides superior solutions for environmental, natural, cultural and sustainable resource needs in private and public sectors. Recognized for excellent customer service and modern-leading technical expertise, STEPS specializes in Environmental Laws and Regulation of the local, state and federal agencies: 

  1. To carry out the business of consultancy in the field of Environmental, social and economic development including developing, monitoring and evaluation of environmental and social issues of engineering and other development projects.
  2. To carry out Feasibility studies and preparation of feasibility reports regarding establishment of Environmental Projects, IEE (Initial Environmental Examination) and EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) process as per and subject to laws of land, Risk Assessment of Hazardous Chemical Storage and Post Project Monitoring.
  3. To do, run, operate and establish the biogas plant, bio-digesters, environmental control Plants and Projects.
  4. To develop household, community, agriculture and industrial solar energy plans, wind mills and water efficient technologies and develop infrastructure and run and operate all alternate energy technologies.
  5. To carry out the consultancy services in the field of Environmental Audits and Compliance in industries.
  6. To render the consultancy services in the field of HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) for human being in their communities and industries in order to protect the general public and industrial workers against the environmental hazards.
  7. To work for the conservation of habitat, soil, energy, water and biodiversity, Supporting Rural Economic development by introducing Aquaculture and providing Training Service (General Environmental Awareness Training) for Public Awareness in Pakistan.
  8. To study the solid waste management systems, air and water pollution and industrial waste water treatments.
  9. To carry out the planning for contaminated land remediation, drinking water monitoring and fresh water assessment.
  10.  Natural resources consulting, ecological restoration, and wildlife management services.




Currently STEPS (Pvt.) Ltd. is working in collaboration with;

  • Mirza Associates Engineering Services (Pvt.) Ltd. (MAES)
  • Technical, Engineering And Management Consultants, Pakistan (TEAM)